How to apply for car insurance so that claims don’t get denied

How to apply for car insurance so that claims don’t get denied

How to Survive the Auto Insurance Claim Investigation Process

You can easily apply for damaged car insurance after knowing what is required in the application process. As a rule, the completeness documents for insurance claims are the most important. So, you need to know in advance what documents are required in order to make a claim for car insurance.

As we know, a car with minor damage such as abrasion can occur while driving. That is why car insurance is the most suitable solution to protect your car from all risks. Especially if you drive a lot and are sufficiently mobile.

Motor insurance offers policyholders protection against minor, moderate to severe damage or the loss of a car as a result of a robbery. In addition, those of you who have already taken out auto insurance can extend the benefits of auto insurance such as protection from natural disasters to mass civil unrest. Because unrest in a city can also damage your car. At times, the wild gangs ruthlessly damaged various objects in front of them, including a parked car.

In addition, the high number of accidents in Indonesia is one of the considerations for people to buy auto insurance products. Because minor or serious accidents can happen at any time. Buying car insurance makes driving more comfortable for a person because an insurance product provides financial protection. In this way, the damage that occurs, be it minor, moderate or severe damage, can be claimed and compensated by the insurance company.

Types of auto insurance

This leads to a person taking out car insurance. To find out how to apply for car insurance, you first need to know what type of car insurance you have. Because not all car insurance policies offer the same protection. The type of insurance is adapted to the policyholder’s choice at the beginning of the purchase of the motor insurance product.

There are two types of car insurance in Indonesia. The first is total loss or TLO auto insurance. As the name suggests, this auto insurance only causes damage to the car if the insured car is 75 percent or more damaged. Less than that, you won’t get any entitlement.

This means that if the car damage you have suffered is less than 75 percent then obviously you cannot make a good claim. However, this type of TLO auto insurance has an affordable premium so many people have a choice. Especially for those who have used cars. Please note, however, that not all types of vehicles can be covered by this insurance. You must report this to the insurance agent in order to receive adequate protection.

The second type of car insurance is all-risk or comprehensive car insurance. This insurance offers comprehensive protection against the risks that the car can take. For example, minor to moderate damage is also entitled to a claim. Just a small bubble, you can get an insurance claim. However, this is also directly proportional to the premium price to be paid. These are not the exemplary auto insurance costs like floods, riots, earthquakes or tsunamis or sabotage and terrorism.

In summary, this auto insurance claim is usually made for people with all-risk insurance. Bare cars are responsible for less than 75 percent of the minor damage. This means that the way you get this worn out car insurance policy is the same as any risk insurance and fully comprehensive insurance. How to get the simplest and easiest car insurance:

1. Prepare the required documents

Make sure that the documents and requirements for auto insurance claims are required. Prepare this equipment before contacting the insurance company.

2. Call the insurance office

You can go to the nearest insurance office and contact the insurance company first. Don’t be confused at this point, you can contact the appropriate insurance company by phone or email. Then follow the officer’s guidelines for filing insurance claims.

3. Photo of the condition of the car

You will also need to provide photo documentation of the condition of the scratched vehicle in order to receive an insurance claim. Email the photo to auto insurance. Remember to provide honest and truthful information so that your Ve security claim is not denied.

4. Fill out the form

Don’t forget to fill out the insurance company’s form. After that, you should also be able to explain cars that can be scratched. This is how the insurance company will determine the cause of your vehicle damage there about the chronology of the incident or about an inspection in the garage.

5. Third Party Documents

If the damage you are suffering is from a third party, then you will also need to prepare the document to receive compensation. Contact the insurance company for information on what documents need to be prepared if you want to make a claim from a third party.

6. Attend the Insurance Partner Workshop

You can also stop by or contact the repair shop that is your auto insurance partner. Then don’t forget to fill out the form available from the workshop. If your claim is approved, you can go to the partner’s workshop to repair the wear and tear on your car immediately.

Here are some steps you can take to get a worn out car insurance policy. To get a claim that fits your insurance policy, don’t hesitate to ask the insurance officer or agent with whom you applied for your insurance policy. If you want to make a claim, don’t forget to attach photos to reinforce the necessary documents.

Make sure you have solid evidence of auto damage, however minor. Because if you are found to be lying in providing information about auto damage, you will continue to be the loser in the future. This is because insurance companies are also more cautious about paying insurance customer claims. This is because it is viewed from the perspective of urgency and the damage suffered.

So that insurance claims are not rejected

Filing a claim is not always smooth and accepted immediately. There are several conditions under which insurance companies reject claims from policyholders. Hence, you need to know what can cause your auto insurance to be rejected.

Once you have prepared the various required equipment and document requirements, it turns out that the claim you submitted has been rejected. Therefore, please note the following so that the insurance claim you submitted is not rejected:

1. Expiration Policy

The insurance claim will be rejected due to the condition of the policy expiration or automatic inactivity. This policy expires due to premiums with arrears of several months. If the policy is in such an inactive state, the insurance company will automatically refuse to pay the claim you have made.

2. The damage was done beforehand

Damages that occurred at the beginning before taking possession of the insurance can also not be claimed.

3. Violation of the rules

Claims will also be refused by the insurance company if the driver violates traffic rules. For example not having a SIM card or drinking alcohol while driving and other crimes such as not parking in the right place. Claims are also denied if policyholders drive recklessly.

Also, pay attention to the area and location of the accident. When a car with a bladder is in a certain area and is not included in the contractual agreement specified in the policy. Claims are usually approved if the event occurs in multiple specific locations. So if you have an accident abroad, you cannot make a claim.

4. The policy has no waiting period

The waiting time is approximately one month after the policy has been issued. You cannot make any claims during this waiting period. If the car is scratched, the cost will not be covered by the policy.

5. Deliberate damage

A car that is accidentally worn out, e.g. B. if a car collides with another car or hits a car to destroy or damage it, cannot be claimed. Also, you will not be able to claim if you accidentally encountered the high tide during a flood and the machine goes into the water.

In this case, do not drive during high tide. If you get caught in a flood, all you have to do is call the insurance company’s call center. Do not start the engine to avoid damaging the engine. Wait for a direct appeal from your auto insurance company to get the right treatment.

6. Additional accessories not reported

Additions to car accessories are to be reported to the insurance company about the sum insured. So if there is a claim, the car accessories can still be insured.

If you do not report additional auto accessories at the time of the insurance purchase, the damage that occurs will not be included in the claim. There fore the requirement is trueugly refused. So it is better if you report any accessories that you add to the car in order to get protection commensurate with the benefits paid.

7. Incomplete documents

No insurance claims can be made if the documents are incomplete. So make sure you have all the necessary documents fully prepared according to the requirements of the insurance company. To ensure that the claims process runs smoothly, you should also observe the deadline for submitting insurance claims. If the claims processing exceeds the deadline, it is likely that the auto insurance claim will be dismissed and dismissed.